Zachary Capalbo

Please use LinkedIn for professional inquiries. Further contact information available upon request.


Creative, experienced software engineer seeking challenging projects and leadership opportunities in scientific software.

Work Experience

Advanced Software Engineer (January 2017 - Present) at a medical device company

  • Currently working on a really cool project with really cool people. More details available when things become public.
  • Led AI initiative from incipient research stage to productization
    • Developed software tools and frameworks for image annotation, model architecture development, model training and evaluation, and product integration
    • Managed team of image annotators both on-location and remote
    • Conducted research and developed novel proprietary image segmentation Convolutional Neural Network architecture
    • Skills used: C++, TensorFlow, AI, Convolutional Neural Networks, Qt, QML, Team Management
    • Designed, Developed, Documented, and Tested numerous features for medical device, while conforming to appropriate medical device regulations.
    • Developed automated component and integration test framework for QML

Advanced Software Engineer (November 2015 - December 2016) at Symbotic, Wilmington, MA

  • Developed, debugged, and optimized control software for autonomous robotic warehouse solutions.
  • Improved software processes and work-flow by introducing software and scripts for controlled merges, code reviews, and automated builds and tests.
  • Developed interactive visualizations for data obtained from simulation and production installations.
  • Skills used: C#, Algorithm Development, Source Control, Git, Gitlab, Ruby, CoffeeScript

Senior Software Engineer (March 2014 - October 2015) at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Portable Analytic Instruments (Tewksbury, MA)

  • Led software team as architect and primary scientific programmer of groundbreaking Niton XL5 XRF analyzer.
  • Worked with project managers, product managers, and SQA engineers to gather requirements and ensure projects delivered successfully.
  • Mentored junior team members in software design and development.
  • Developed framework for rapid prototyping of experiments and data analysis.
  • Participated in cross-functional leadership development program.
  • Skills used: Software Architecture, Object-Oriented Design, Team Management, Agile Software Development.

Software Engineer (July 2012 - March 2014) at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Portable Analytic Instruments (Tewksbury, MA)

  • Implemented, maintained, parallelized, and optimized advanced Fundamental Parameters based XRF elemental analysis algorithms and spectral processing algorithms for hand-held XRF spectrometers.
  • Implemented and tested calibration routines for Raman and FTIR chemical identification devices.
  • Designed application architecture for new hand-held XRF spectrometer product.
  • Reverse engineered, modularized and maintained legacy C and C++ code algorithms and applications for XRF and FTIR products.
  • Developed cross-platform tools for automated software functional tests using Ruby.
  • Developed tools for application scientists to visualize and tweak algorithm operation.
  • Provided training to other engineers for C++, XRF, Qt, QML, Mercurial, and Linux.
  • Setup and maintained Mercurial repositories, Teamcity continuous integration server, and qmake based build system.
  • Received Thermo Fisher 4-I Award for contributions to XRF spectrometers and other projects.
  • Skills used: XRF Spectroscopy, C++, Object Oriented design, Algorithm Development, Qt, Mercurial, QML, Ruby


Niton XL5 XRF Analyzer (

  • Developed modular application architecture for reuse across products.
  • Implemented advanced, parallelized, Fundamental Parameters based XRF Algorithms.
  • Developed Ruby based framework for rapid prototyping of experiments and diagnostics.
  • Provided leadership as software architect and primary science programmer.
  • Skills used: C++, Ruby, XRF, Object-Oriented Design

VARTISTE: Virtual Reality

Flammarion Ruby GUI Toolkit (

  • Open Source cross-platform library providing easy to use GUI toolkit to ruby scripts and applications
  • Bridges gap between modern web tools and desktop ruby application development
  • Skills used: Ruby, CoffeeScript, WebSockets, CSS

The Kromophone - Sensory Substitution Device for Environmental Navigation (

  • Developed assistive technology designed to allow blind or vision impaired users to interact with their environment.
  • Invented color sonification scheme and developed software to translate colors from a camera into distinct, recognizable sounds and allow for user control and interaction.
  • Conducted experiments on blind and sighted subjects to gauge effectiveness of sonification schemes.
  • Skills used: C++, Qt, Android, Adaptive Technology, Experimental Procedure, Signal Processing, Fourier Analysis

Senior Honors Thesis: Noncontact Determination of Fluid Properties by Means of Focused Acoustics (

  • Designed, developed, and assembled apparatus and software for conducting measurements of surface tension and viscosity using a single focused ultrasound.
  • Skills used: Algorithms, Acoustics, Applied Physics, C++, Octave/MATLAB, Instrument Control, GPIB, Linux, LaTex


  • C++, Ruby, QML, CoffeScript, Python, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Lisp, C, C#, and many others
  • Algorithm Design and Optimization, XRF, FTIR, Raman
  • Parallel Programming, Object Oriented Design, Test Driven Development
  • Linux, Windows, Windows CE, Qt, OpenGL, NodeJS, Mercurial, Git


Gordon College, Wenham, MA

  • B. Sc. Physics (Computational Concentration) with Departmental Honors
  • B. Sc. Computer Science
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude May 2012
  • GPA: 3.75