Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is really cool.



Pronounced VR-tíste (get it?), VARTISTE is a 2D Image editor that doubles as a 3D-surface texture editor as well. Basically like the GIMP or Photoshop in Virtual Reality.


Feature Feed

Physics Playground

I put together an A-Frame integration for PhysX, and tested it using a virtual reality playground, complete with one player ping-pong, swords, bugs, and golf.

Playground Screenshot

Check it out at

VR Art

I’ve created a number of little amateur VR art pieces, mostly using VARTISTE + other VR modelling tools, like Gravity Sketch or Adobe Medium. You can see most of these on my Sketchfab Page.

Here’s a few right here:

Original Bug Fighting Game

The Original Bug Fighting Game

Launch the original bug fighting game in your browser!

Bug made in Oculus Medium. Game made with A-Frame

Quill Tools

I really enjoy drawing with Oculus Quill. I’ve put together a bunch of tools to make working with it easier. Including:

  • A ruby library / jupyter notebook to make exporting all or part of a scene really easy and repeatable.
  • Materials to bring Quill illustrations into UE4
  • A UE4 blueprint to animate Quill models without the performance issues or headaches or the typical Skeleton mesh or Geometry cache methods


AI Dream Creations

I’ve been using BigGAN to generate some pretty bizarre creatures / objects, and then using Oculus Quill to turn them into 3D drawings & animations.

Astro Banjo Player

This guy looks like a mashup of an astronaut and a banjo player, with some elk thrown in..

Here’s a butter-cycle:

AI Style Transfer

I’ve been playing around with using AI style transfer to fill in details of the unwrapped UVs from #Quillustrations

Style Transfer Character

It seems to produce some pretty artsy looking results without much effort, though there’s a lot more that can be done here.