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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is really cool.



Pronounced VR-tíste (get it?), VARTISTE is a 2D Image editor that doubles as a 3D-surface texture editor as well. Basically like the GIMP or Photoshop in Virtual Reality.


Feature Feed

Physics Playground

I put together an A-Frame integration for PhysX, and tested it using a virtual reality playground, complete with one player ping-pong, swords, bugs, and golf.

Playground Screenshot

Check it out at

VR Banjo

Using the aframe-vartiste-toolkit, I put together a VR Banjo simulator. Pickup a pick or a "clawhammer hand" pick, and strum away!

Spectator VR Banjo View

VR Tranquil Typing

VR Tranquil Typing, for folks who want to write in a relaxing environment without having to see everything they've written. Inspired by the talented writer Evea Raye

VR Tranquil Typing screenshot

VR Art

I've created a number of little amateur VR art pieces, mostly using VARTISTE + other VR modelling tools, like Gravity Sketch or Adobe Medium. You can see most of these on my Sketchfab Page.

Here's a few right here:

Original Bug Fighting Game

The Original Bug Fighting Game

Launch the original bug fighting game in your browser!

Bug made in Oculus Medium. Game made with A-Frame

Quill Tools

I really enjoy drawing with Oculus Quill. I've put together a bunch of tools to make working with it easier. Including:


AI Dream Creations

I've been using BigGAN to generate some pretty bizarre creatures / objects, and then using Oculus Quill to turn them into 3D drawings & animations.

Astro Banjo Player

This guy looks like a mashup of an astronaut and a banjo player, with some elk thrown in..

Here's a butter-cycle:

AI Style Transfer

I've been playing around with using AI style transfer to fill in details of the unwrapped UVs from #Quillustrations

Style Transfer Character

It seems to produce some pretty artsy looking results without much effort, though there's a lot more that can be done here.