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Android Apps

Note: These were made by me for my own various purposes. I don't endorse/guarantee/warranty/support/etc them in any way. Use them however you'd like.

Remote Scroller

When I read articles on the internet, I like to lean back and put my feet up (who doesn't?). However, this makes it difficult to reach the mouse or keyboard to scroll the article, which makes reading said article difficult. To solve this problem, I whipped together a little android client app and corresponding PC daemon to allow you to scroll the mouse via android phone or tablet. Lazy readers rejoice.

Remote Scroller Screenshot

The Remote Scroller android app can connect to a linux pc via Bluetooth or Wifi. It can simulate scrolling the mouse; it can navigate between open tabs; it can change virtual desktops; it can move and click the mouse; it can change screen brightness and music volume; it controls the Clementine Music Player; and the latest version includes remote controls for my home recording studio.

The app was written solely for my convenience, and is therefore tailored to my workflow. However, the app is written in Ruby using Ruboto, and the desktop daemon is in Ruby, so it is very easy to extend and customize.

Taiga Mobile

A nifty little interface to the Kanban board of a Taiga server. See the github page for more info.

ABC File Browser

This is a nifty little app that will browse through ABC files in a certain directory and arrange them for easy browsing and playing.

See the Bitbucket Page

Car Text Talker 2

This little app will read text messages aloud to you only when your phone is in a car dock. It was written because none of the free text message readers on the market had an option to only read text messages when in car mode.

Car Text Talker QR Code


This app displays a random unix fortune. Standard unix fortunes must be placed in /mnt/sdcard/fortune. This app was written because no free fortune programs on the market would parse the standard unix fortune files. Use at your own risk.