My Banjos


When I decided to pick up a new banjo, I wanted something nice. One night, while I slept, I heard a banjo playing. Sometime later, I went to the Music Emporium, and tried this banjo. It was the sound of my dreams.

Rickard Banjo

Sound Samples

Nechville Meteor

In order to fulfill my destiny of becoming a rock-and-roll superstar, I picked up an electric banjo. In addition to being surprisingly fun to play, it’s quickly become an integral part of my living room banjo recording operation.

Nechville Meteor

Sound Samples

  • In the Pines (Not bad for being recorded in the middle of #windmageddon)


My friend found an old Kay tenor banjo in his attic and gave it to me in exchange for some esoteric books. I restrung the thing with Aquila nylgut strings and tuned it down real low. It’s got a nice growl to it, and real low tension makes it easy on the fingers. Works well with a banjo thimble if you need any kind of volume.

Kay Banjo

Sound Samples


Made out of a two-by-four and a cookie tin I found in my parents’ basement, this banjo is one-of-kind!

Clementine Banjo

Sound Samples


My parents changed my life forever when they got me this shiny Fender banjo for Christmas years ago.

Fender Banjo