My Banjos


When I decided to pick up a new banjo, I wanted something nice. One night, while I slept, I heard a banjo playing. Sometime later, I went to the Music Emporium, and tried this banjo. It was the sound of my dreams.

Rickard Banjo

Sound Samples


My friend found an old Kay tenor banjo in his attic and gave it to me in exchange for some esoteric books. I restrung the thing with Aquila nylgut strings and tuned it down real low. It’s got a nice growl to it, and real low tension makes it easy on the fingers. Works well with a banjo thimble if you need any kind of volume.

Kay Banjo

Sound Samples


Made out of a two-by-four and a cookie tin I found in my parents’ basement, this banjo is one-of-kind!

Clementine Banjo

Sound Samples


My parents changed my life forever when they got me this shiny Fender banjo for Christmas years ago.

Fender BAnjo