Zach’s Songbook

Songs for Folks. Songs I like to play, the way I like to play ‘em


I noticed that lot of times when people would come over to play music, there was a lot of time spent looking up chords and lyrics. And since it’s folk music, most of the time the version on the internet would different from the version I know, which would cause a bit of confusion.

I made this songbook to remedy this situation (and partly to test out my fancy double-sided printer.) The songs are entered in a simple, text-based format for chords and lyrics, and abc notation for the melody. Then a hodge-podge of ruby scripts converts them to latex, which then turns it into this fancy-looking pdf.


You can get the latest versions here:

  • Zach’s Song Book: Full page format for easy reading on a computer or mobile device, or for printing and laminating.
  • Zach’s Songbooklet: Half page format neatly arranged to be printed on a double-sided printer, and then folded down the middle. Multipage songs all start on the left, so there’s no page turning in the middle of a song.


You can browse Zach’s Songbook Online!

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Source Code

You can find all the code hosted on Gitlab